Junk Haul Green Vision

One Call Junk Haul is your most cost effective and environmental friendly way to get rid of all your junk. Feel good, knowing we donate as much of your unwanted items as possible. We sort and deliver your items to the appropriate organization that need it most;  including local charities, Salvation Army, Good Will and many more!

Our Junk Haul Green Mission

Our junk haul green mission is to be the leading eco-friendly junk removal service. We offer the highest standards of junk removal services and related clean-ups to protect our environment and health.  We will only use carefully selected products and disposal methods that are environmentally friendly and non-polluting of the environment

  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Plan our job routes geographically to limit wasting fuel
  • Donate when possible
  • Always use products that are made of recyclable materials.

 The One Call Junk Haul Recycle Program

Our trained junk hauling team knows what can and cannot be recycled. They sort and separate the items accordingly and we then dispose of them properly.  Finding ways to grow this part of our junk hauling business is vital and therefore we are constantly working towards increasing our overall recycling percentage. Check back often for updates and news on recycling!


Many organizations can use your items, ranging from local charities to national organizations. Our Haulers will sort and separate anything and everything that can donate to a better cause. After sorting your items, we will drop them off to one of our partners.