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Alright, we know winter’s still in full swing but let’s daydream for a bit and pretend like Spring is around the corner. One of the few bad things about spring time is the dark looming cloud- spring cleaning. As much as you don’t want to, it’s a necessary evil to get your home ready for spring and summer time. Also, there is a good chance the winter blues have stalled you from giving the house a deep clean over past few months.

The next few tips should help make your spring cleaning escapades more manageable and even help you remember some spots that many may forget about.

Less Hassle This Spring

  1. Take care of high-traffic areas first
    • Areas where people spend a lot of time congregating should get most of your attention to start. This is where the bulk of your stains and dirty spots will be location. You want to pay close attention to carpets in these areas as they may not always seem dirty at first sight.
    • Some good tips to make sure these spots are thoroughly are to first vacuum over the problem areas for about 30 seconds, then hit it with a cleaner/degreaser via cloth. After you let the cleaner set in, follow up with a hair dryer to dry the area. This is a quick process that you can use around the house to make carpet and high-traffic areas as good as new for spring!
  2. Windows; don’t forget about the outside!
    • When people clean windows on their home they only think about cleaning the inside of their windows, not the exterior. With a few simple steps, you can clean the exterior of your windows relatively quick and easy.
    • All you need is some multi-surface outdoor cleaner, a hose attachment, a bucket and some throw-away rags. It’s as simple as picking a day with little to no wind (will allow windows to dry effectively) spraying the windows down with the solution, and then rinsing. After that you can either let them air dry, or dry them yourself with the rags to ensure there are no streaks.
  3. Get the stank out of your mattresses
    •  Everyone knows it’s a good idea to wash your sheets weekly (granted, some of us take that advice with a grain of salt) but did you know you can get the stink out of your mattress in a few steps as well? While you have all your bedding in the wash there is one tip you use to help freshen your bed up.
    • The key here is baking soda! When the sheets are in the wash, sprinkle a small layer of baking soda across the surface of the bed and allow it to wick up any moisture and smells. You can actually leave the light dusting over the mattress when you remake the bed and vacuum it back up next time you wash for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Stick to one area at a time
    • If you find yourself getting easily distracted, it could be a disaster during spring cleaning if jump from room to room without taking care of everything in the room. A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to create a checklist of what needs to be done in every room and being sure to mark them all off before moving on to another room.
  5. Throw out what you no longer need
    • It’s possible after the long winter, you’ve been storing things and junk you no longer want in the house. Sometimes, a New England winter can make it near impossible to get stuff out of the house with the snow and other impeding factors.
    • If you have a bunch of junk or old stuff you want to get out of your home, it may be a good time to set up a time with a professional junk removal professional now for the spring, before they get flooded with inquires this spring.
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