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Many people mistakenly believe that hauling junk is something they can do on their own. After all, it’s just throwing away trash, right?

However, after countless trips back and forth to the dump, with all of the associated disposal fees, these same people quickly begin to realize that they should have hired a professional.

In no circumstance is this more evident than during home renovations. People are quick to hire a professional to do the renovation work but cut corners when it comes to disposing of the old materials. To avoid this same pitfall, keep reading for 6 times when it is important to hire a professional junk hauler.

1. Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen undergoing renovationp

Nothing can excite homeowners’ sense of imagination quite like a kitchen renovation. Whether it be how to put crown molding on kitchen cabinets, how to install a nonporous quartz countertop on a kitchen island, or which types of flooring materials resist food stains the best, people are constantly on the lookout for ways to add elegance and functionality to their cook spaces.

While the final product can provide a breathtaking upgrade to your home, the remnants of the old will provide an unsightly heap in your backyard. Old floor and backsplash tiles, appliances, and countertops are all high-volume articles that will be cumbersome and expensive to haul piece-by-piece. Therefore, it is highly worth your time to enlist the services of a professional junk hauler any time you perform a kitchen makeover.

2. Flooring Upgrade

Speaking of high-volume home renovations, flooring upgrades fit the bill. Whether you are upgrading from carpet to tile or laminate to hardwood, every square inch of your property will likely see the old floor ripped up and the new floor laid down. As such, disposing of the old materials can be quite the challenge. It is best to leave it to a junk hauler who is not only equipped to handle the large volume of flooring refuse, but will have a better idea of how to dispose of it most adequately. For example, some flooring products may not break down when left in landfills, while others will have the potential to be repurposed, recycled, or reclaimed. Your junk hauler will know best where to deposit these old flooring materials for maximum benefit. 

3. Insulation Swap

Technician swapping house insulation

An insulation swap is another prime time to call a professional junk hauler. Most old-fashioned products do not qualify as non toxic insulation, making it difficult to dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner. Moreover, many common insulation types, such as polyiso boards and fiberglass batts, are not biodegradable, so they need to avoid ending up in landfills and be specifically earmarked for reuse or proper disposal.

4. Roof Replacement

The same rationale behind a flooring upgrade applies to a roof replacement. Very seldom are roofing projects partial in nature. When a homeowner decides it is time for a new roof, the old roof comes off and a new one goes on. This will yield a large amount of roof refuse. 

While homeowners may be able to handle disposal of some common roofing products such as asphalt shingles or wood shakes–assuming they know responsible dropoff locations–there are some types of roofing materials that are simply too cumbersome for the average person to deal with. For example, concrete and slate tiles are extremely heavy and brittle, likely requiring specialized handling or machinery to remove from your property. In addition, old metal roofs can result in sharp edges that are not only dangerous to people untrained in junk removal, but can result in significant property damage if not handled correctly. 

5. Deck Addition

A deck addition utilizing rot-resistant cedar decking is a great way to add functional exterior space to your property and increase resale value in the process. It is also a great way for creating junk that no longer has a place or purpose with your new space. Whether it be old vegetation that gets uprooted, the remnants of a makeshift patio that you had to demolish, or old lawn furniture that does not have a home on your stylish new deck, there is no shortage of ways that a deck addition will lead to increased refuse for which a professional junk hauler will be necessary to transport. 

6. Siding Project

The challenges for removing siding are extremely similar to those during a roof replacement. Brick and other types of masonry products are too heavy to be handled without the service of professional help, while products such as vinyl shingles need to be disposed of in the correct places. Siding projects also create a high volume of refuse that are more easily handled with specialized junk hauling trucks. 

A Junk Hauler Will Always Come in Clutch

Although homeowners understand the importance of hiring a professional to perform home renovation work, they may think that removing the junk from the old materials is strictly a DIY job. More often than not, these same homeowners will quickly discover that junk removal is well outside their personal capacity. From kitchen renovations to siding projects, carefully consider the 6 times in your life when you’d benefit from a professional junk hauler.


Rebecca Larkin is a freelance writer focusing on the home and commercial renovation fields.  With over 15 years of renovation experience, Rebecca has worked on many different types of projects in the industry. Currently, her writing can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.

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