Estate Cleanouts

Whether it’s the passing of a loved one, or relocation to smaller or assisted One Call Junk Haul Dumpster outside of Homeaccommodations, estate clean-out is never an easy process and can be extremely overwhelming. There are memories and heirlooms involved, and the organizing process can be very stressful. One Call Junk Haul understands that this is a difficult time for you and we are here to offer guidance, support and answer any questions you may have during this challenging time.

Once you have determined what you would like to have removed, our courteous and professional staff will arrive on time at your location. With patience and understanding, they will remove all designated items carefully and with the utmost consideration. Any useable items will be donated to local charitable organizations and anything that can be recycled will be.

Yard Sales

junk in front of homeYou had the sale and made some extra money but can’t believe that someone did not buy that singing fish. You promised yourself that whatever didn’t sell was not going back in your house, but you had no idea there would be so much stuff left. We’ll take all those leftover bargains away, donate the good stuff and you’ve accomplished your mission.



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We have the lowest minimum charge around, accept cash, major credit & debit cards, checks & gift cards. We arrive on time, are fully insured, donate or recycle what we can & dispose of the rest responsibly. Click to Book now!