Located on the Merrimack River in Essex county Massachusetts sits Haverhill. One Call Junk Haul extends our junk removal services to Haverhill and the surrounding towns in Essex County. Haverhill was part of the regions massive economic upbringing during the Industrial Revolution of the early 1920’s. Nicknamed “shoe city”, Haverhill was known for being America’s largest producer of shoes and other leather products. Today Haverhill, is going through another economic revival, with the former mills and factory buildings being turned into luxury condo’s and new businesses. For contractors or property managers renovating buildings on Merrimac or Washington Street, One Call Junk Call is the trusted company for junk removal services.

Commercial Junk Removal in Haverhill MA

Due to a mix of private and federal investment, business is once again booming in Haverhill. One Call Junk Haul is happy to partner with property managers, contractors, real estate agents, and more in Haverhill to complete any project they have. Our process is simple. Fill our convenient online contact form and choose a 2-hour time block to have your project completed in. From store owners renovating an existing site, to contractors completing a renovation at one of Haverhill’s old mill buildings, One Call Junk Haul is the solution to your junk removal challenges.

Residential Junk Removal in Haverhill MA

There is no shortage of reasons to rent one of our Junk Removal Truck’s for residential junk removal projects in Haverhill. From overstuffed attics, to crowded basements and garages, the One Call Junk Haul crew has seen it all. We can fit up to 5 pickup trucks worth of junk in just 1 of our trucks. Check out our pricing page here.