Brookline is a significant part of New England. Many people believe the community should technically be part of Boston, but it denied annexation from the city in 1873. This act created the unique map of Boston as we know it today. Brookline and Boston will forever be connected by two of its most famous sons. Both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kraft were born in Brookline.

Home Junk Removal in Brookline MA

Brookline is home to multiple different types of housing for its residents. It has traditional family homes, triple decker’s, apartments, condo’s and more. Like a typical Boston neighborhood, there is a higher turnover in residential properties in Brookline compared to towns further west of Boston.

Home owners and renters alike use One Call Junk Haul to clear their living areas of unwanted materials. Common items that we are called to take away in Brookline are typically mattress and box springs, appliances and waste from renovation projects.

At One Call Junk Haul we pride our self on service. While we’d prefer to have waste outside of the house to be picked up, we will access junk in basements, garage, and attics if need be.

Commercial Junk Removal in Brookline MA

Businesses in Brookline partner with One Call Junk Haul for professional junk removal services. Our staff is clean and professional, allowing business owners to trust us coming into their business. An example of some of the businesses we work with in Brookline are:

  • Property Managers
  • Flood Restoration Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Single Proprietors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • & More

To learn about our pricing and different options for junk removal for your business in Brookline, click here.

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Looking to take the step to declutter your home, business, or property in Brookline today? Book online with One Call Junk Haul. Our junk haul trucks are bigger than the competition, allowing us to get the job done more proficiently, saving you money in the long run.