All types of business have all kinds of junk. Whether your office needs old office furniture, cubicles or computers removed, you need construction debris hauled away or you need to clean out a rental space to get it ready for new tenants, One Call Junk Haul handles any and all kinds of commercial junk removal. We take jobs of any size and are fully insured. We will provide you with a free estimate and our professional crew will show up on time and make sure that everything is hauled away and cleaned up to your 100% satisfaction. You work hard to keep your business growing and you need a reliable partner you can count on.

Let One Call Junk Haul be your go-to provider for all your junk removal needs.

Construction Debris: From small remodels to home building sites One Call Junk haul offers clean-up services to all kinds of contractors. We remove wood, insulation, siding, roofing materials, drywall, carpet and pretty much anything else. Visit our What We Take Page for a full list. If you don’t see your type of junk listed Contact Us and tell us what you’ve got. We’ll get back to you super quick.

Scheduling can be done as a onetime pick-up or you can create a service call where we come on a regular basis to haul the debris away.

Property Management: Retail spaces, warehouses, office space, apartment buildings and other leased spaces are always in need of cleanout when a tenant moves out. You don’t have time to figure out how to get all the junk out, much less where to go with it. One Call Junk Haul is the answer. We handle all kinds of property cleanouts and no job is too big or small. Anything that is in usable condition will be donated to charity and recyclable items will go to a recycling facility. We’ll do it quickly and carefully so you can get back to your business at hand and get that property leased again.

Office Cleanout: Old office furniture and outdated computers can take up a lot of space. Has your conference room become a graveyard for these items? One Call Junk Haul specializes in removing office  junk as well as dismantling and removing cubical partitions. Give us a call, we’ll give you a free quote and show up on time to clean you out and get your office space productive again. You might even use the conference room to celebrate!

Storage Unit Cleanout: Whether it’s a full unit cleanout or removing the junk left behind after an auction, Once Call Junk Haul will remove all items from the unit and sweep it out so that it’s ready for you to rent out again. Anything that is still usable will be donated to charity and recyclables will go to a facility to be re-purposed. The sooner you have it cleaned out, the sooner you can rent it again. We’ll make it simple and quick so you can get back to business.

E-Waste Removal: Old computers, monitors, printers and other technical gadgets that don’t work anymore or are no longer relevant should not be simply thrown in the garbage. E-Waste recycling is an important part of our technology driven society and One Call Junk Haul knows exactly where to take your dead computers and gadgets so that everything possible can be recycled and kept out of landfills.

Scrap Metal Removal: Most metal today can be recycled and is a big part of our “live green” society. We carefully remove metal and take it to a recycling facility where it will be sorted, recycled and re-used for something new.

Store Closing/Moving Cleanout: Whether you’ve done your time and decided to close your doors or you’re moving to a new location, Once Call Junk Haul can help simplify the process and help you move forward. We’ll come in, give you a free estimate and schedule a convenient time to clean out everything you no longer need or are not taking with you. As always, anything that can be recycled will be and anything that may be of use to someone else will be donated to charitable organizations.

Merchandise Removal: Have some extra merchandise laying around? Is your back room filled from floor to ceiling with items you probably should never have purchased? One Call Junk Haul can come to your rescue. We offer full service retail store junk removal, so you can take back your space Whether you have just empty boxes or changing over the seasons, we can help. Anything that is in usable condition will be donated to charity and recyclable items will go to a recycling facility. We’ll do it quickly and carefully so you can get back to your business at hand.

TV/CRT Removal: We’ll move ’em, load ’em and make sure they are recycled. Save your back- Call us.

Donation Pick-Up Service: You’re remodeling the office or your retail space. The old stuff is still in great shape but it just doesn’t work with your new vision. There is likely someone-somewhere, maybe a new start-up on a budget, that would be happy to give your old stuff a new home. Our Donation Pick Up Service is available to get it to a charitable organization for you so someone else can find it.

Foreclosure Services: Many times homes that go into foreclosure are not left in the best of shape and piles of junk and garbage are left behind. In many cases, the homes are simply abandoned with all the homeowners belongings left behind.

One Call Junk Haul helps real estate agents and financial institutions clear out the mess so the home can get placed on the market quickly and junk free. We clean out all Interior and exterior areas and will sweep up afterwards, leaving behind a property that is in much better visual condition than before.

Any usable items will be donated and our eco­friendly practices will make sure that anything that can be recycled is. Many times we can offer next day services to help you get the property cleaned out and ready to sell in no time.

Flood Restoration Services: Are you a restoration company looking for junk removal services? We help many restoration companies with all their junk removal needs. When you’re up against the clock and need to save the day for your next customer, call us. We will come to your location and take the junk away. Whether there is a pile outside or in the house, we will do all the heavy lifting and take it away.

If your the property owner and are tackling the cleanup from a flood, we can help you with the removal. Floods can cause some of the worst damage imaginable. It’s a clean-up process that requires urgency when it comes to the clean-up process. Whether it’s water damage from a broken pipe or sewage overflow or an actual flood situation, mold and other toxins start to breed almost immediately and the flooded areas quickly become unsafe. One Call Junk Haul is fully equipped to remove the piles you made and dispose of them properly

In most cases, items that have been through a flood are a complete loss so they are disposed of in a responsible manner. In the case where items can be salvaged or recycled but no longer wanted we will either donate or recycle those items. We are fully insured and will provide you with the most efficient service possible. You can rest assured that we will be there quickly and work fast so you can get on with more important things and put the whole mess behind you.