One Call Junk Haul makes the debris removal process of your job a piece of cake. Remodeling, new construction, demolition or any other construction job site can quickly become a pile of left over building materials and junk. No room for a dumpster on site? Would you rather have your higher revenue producing employees building stuff or doing the clean up? We haul just about anything and can schedule pick-up on a one-time basis or create an ongoing scheduled pick-up so you don’t have to worry about the clean-up process.

Our disposal process is eco-friendly and our staff is professional, courteous and experienced. We are fully insured and available on short notice. Some of the common items we haul away include:

●      Scrap Wood

●      Roofing Materials

●      Insulation

●      Carpet

●      Windows

●      Fixtures

●      Siding

●      Doors

●      Drywall/Sheetrock

●      Windows

●      Trash/Garbage

●      Bathroom Fixtures

●      Brick, Stone & Concrete

●      …And Much More

CLICK HERE for a full list of what we take or Contact Us with any questions.