We simply charge by volume.  All labor, all disposal fees and cleanup is included!

At One Call Junk Haul we have found that the easiest way to think about volume and your junk is to picture it filling up a standard pickup truck. Our trucks are much larger than other junk removal companies and we can remove everything from single items to multiple truck loads.

Our trucks hold 20% more than our competitors which gives you more value.

Use our volume estimator below (think in terms of pickup trucks) to get a good idea how much it will cost to become junk free.

Equivalent of:

Move the slider to see the Dump Truck filling up!

Equivalent to 1 Pickup Truck

Size Equivalent to a pick up truck (Standard F150 Pickup Truck Bed)

Please note. The above pricing examples are based on customer estimates. When your friendly Junk Haul crew arrives, they will provide you with a no obligation estimate prior to removing anything.

The price for heavy material such as dirt, rock, roofing material and concrete cannot be booked here as this material is charged by bed load. Please call 888-8-junkhaul (586-5425) to schedule a FREE no obligation estimate today.

*Gas, oil, and oil based chemicals are not allowed