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Some people see their junk removal appointment as relief to finally get rid of their extra junk or furniture they no longer need. Junk removal companies vary town to town nowadays and many do not haul away mattresses, televisions, or bigger pieces of furniture. They place them on the curb in hopes that the workers or someone will take them. Either way, people disregard their personal buildup of junk and only look forward to when it is hauled away. A thought that typically does not occur to individuals is wondering where their junk actually goes. Today, companies like ourselves specialize in junk removal and we do not head straight to the landfills. There are many recyclable parts & donations from your junk that we take away and it shouldn’t go to waste!

Around the late spring and early summer months, it is a popular time to request for junk or furniture removal. Popular items such as mattresses, televisions and refrigerators are some items to name a few. People presume there is nothing worth salvaging from a mattress because it is a long term item that you don’t see a second use for. However, mattresses can be broken down at recyclable facilities taking out their metal springs, wood, foam and fabrics that can be recycled into other materials. This is one example of how One Call Junk Hauls green vision comes into play by making sure we can reuse and properly recycle as much junk as possible.

Older televisions with a big box like structure hanging out the back are the most common of televisions found for junk removal. They are old, out of style, and bulky. Those types of televisions can be hazardous due to the fact that there can be traces of lead. The removal process is slow, but is worth it. From televisions, the other plastics and coils can be salvaged, resold, and made into other products!

Refrigerators like televisions are dismantled cautiously. They contain coolant chemicals, but once those are removed, the refrigerators are torn apart, sorted, and properly recycling at a trusted junk processing plant.

From time to time, One Call comes across items that you may want to throw away but someone less fortunate could make use of. Our haulers will sort and separate anything that can be donated and drop them off to one of our charitable partners.

As a junk removal company, it is important to recognize that not all of the items we pick up are a complete loss. We strive to fulfill our recycling and green vision and will salvage whatever we can in order to recycle or donate as much as possible. So much of what people dispose of can be recycled or reused for another purpose.

Green Junk Removal in Peabody, Danvers & Salem, MA

If you have junk removal or a home clean out need in your near future and are located anywhere in the Greater Boston or Southern New Hampshire area contact One Call Junk Haul today!

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